Learn, Eliminate, Practice

I was in church last weekend, and my pastor said something that literally changed so much for me. I feel like that’s how it always is at church, however, this week it was so applicable to every area of life.

Basically, he was talking about spiritual formation and how we change as people. He gave a formula for how you can implement spiritual formation, or really anything, into your life. It was so good that I thought I would share it here!


How To Do, Well…Anything


1. Learn

Okay, we’re going to start really basic here. When you want to do something, but you don’t know how, what do you do? You learn! You research whatever it is you want to do so that you can put it into practice.

For example, if you wanted to lose weight, you would learn the basic functions of the body. You would need to know what foods to eat, how often you should work out, and what type of workouts you should do. Maybe you would look at what other people did and worked for them. Take your time to do your research! It will pay off in the end.


2. Eliminate

Whenever you do something new, you will encounter obstacles. This can be where a lot of people give up. However, that won’t be you! You will need to learn how to eliminate obstacles so that you can move forward with your goal.

Using the same example of losing weight, you will hit a plateau. Everyone does, even I did! You will lose a good amount of weight, and then you will hit a spot where it just isn’t as easy as it was before. Usually, this means you need to change something up. Learn how to eliminate the obstacles you encounter!


3. Practice

This is the last and probably most important step. Whenever you start anything new, you will probably suck at it. And that’s okay! With practice, you will get better and better. But, you need to practice.

Olympians don’t go to the Olympics as first-time competitors. Usually, they train their whole lives. They enter state, national, and international competitions. They practice their sport until one day they get to the Olympic stage.

Nowadays, all we see are people’s highlight reels. We just see them on the stage, but we don’t see the hard work it took to get there. We don’t see the countless hours of practice they put in.

If this is the process Olympians go through, you will need to go through it, too. Practice can be hard. It can be tedious. It can feel sometimes like you aren’t going anywhere, but you have to practice anyway. Our lives are all made up of little moments.



I hope this post helped you see the process of getting started.  If you have anything you want to start, let me know in the comments below!


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