Best Activewear Brands + Tips to get them for CHEAP!

Hey guys! As a fitness enthusiast…I have a lot of workout clothes. I have matching legging and sports bra sets and running shorts galore. I am basically just as passionate about what I wear to the gym as I am about what I do when I get to the gym, mostly because I’m terrified my leggings won’t be squat proof. Yeah, showing up to school in your undies dreams were literally my worst fear.

So, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite activewear brands that won’t show your underwear or squeeze the heck outta your midsection. There are pros and cons to each, but these are the best I’ve tried yet!


1.) Gymshark

This is probably the most popular fitness brand out there, and there’s a reason! (No, it’s not just because Nikki Blackketter is v cute and has a great bod, though that helps!) Every piece I have gotten from Gymshark is incredibly high quality. I’ve never had their leggings show my undies, but they definitely will show panty lines (dress accordingly). Their stuff is also incredibly cute. ‘Nuff said.

They can be relatively expensive, but they do have sales throughout the year. For example, 2018 saw their big birthday bash, and the Black Friday sale is sure to be lit (lol). They also randomly put stuff in their outlet throughout the year to make space for new inventory, so watch for the sales and snatch them up quick!

(Sizing info: I am a size 2/4 and I always order a small. Could probably go down to xs, but I’m comfortable in the small area. I would say their clothing is pretty true to size.)

2.) Fabletics

Okay, guuuuurrl. I’m so obsessed, you have no idea. I bought some Fabletics clothing when they first opened shop, and to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. Their leggings were way too thick and compressive in a very uncomfortable way. They weren’t breathable and I didn’t feel like I could move.

However, they always released ridiculously cute things, so when they had a semi-annual sale in 2017, I snatched up some more pieces. I reasoned that if I didn’t like them, then they were only $10 anyways (yus gurl, you heard that right. $10 leggings! That’s not their normal price point, but again, watch those sales sista).

I will say, I was incredibly impressed! The leggings were some of the best quality I have ever felt. They were soft and hugged all the right places. This new fabric was breathable and movable, and I am obsessed once again.

They have outfits for $49.95+ which include a pant, a top and sometimes a sports bra or jacket/sweater. It is membership based, so if you sign up and make a purchase you will be charged $49.95 every 5th of the month. I always skip if I don’t want anything that much, just pay attention to their reminder emails!

Get your first pair of leggings (2 for $24) by signing up through this link!

(Sizing info: Originally I signed up as a size small, which was a 4. Now, I order all my leggings in extra small. I would definitely size down on the bottoms. The extra small sports bras are way too tight so I would stay either true to size or size up. )


3.) Buffbunny Collection

Last but not least, the instagram fitness queen, Ms. Buffbunny herself. Listen, I was skeptical about purchasing from another influencer clothing line because like…stick to what you know, right? But my dudes, not only are her clothes incredibly cute, they are really functional! I love how flattering all her items are, and they are so cute!

Honestly, it speaks for itself. Shop the collection here!

(Sizing info: I got leggings in a size small, and honestly, they were pretty tight. I haven’t tried any of her shorts, but I would suggest sizing up if you’re on the fringe.)


What are your favorite brands to purchase activewear from? I’d love to hear!


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