The ONLY Tip You Need to Get Your Butt Outta Bed

Okay, was that a little strong? I’m sorry, but I am really excited about this post! I have been wanting to reinstate a morning routine in my life, and I’ve been wanting to get up early every day for probably the last year. There was only one problem: no matter how many days I told myself I’d get up earlier, and I set my alarm, I couldn’t do it. 

Now listen, I’m not a fan of the word “can’t”. I don’t think anyone should have it in their vocabulary because it limits us. However, I really couldn’t do it. I read every blog post on this topic, and nothing worked. That is until I read the Miracle Morning.  This book was seriously life changing for me. There wasn’t much in it that I hadn’t already heard, but I think my desperation combined with the timing and motivation of this book really changed things for me.

There are so many tips in there to avoid the snooze button, but the one that FINALLY worked for me was this: set your intentions the night before. Whaaaaa? Was that what you were expecting? I promise you, I read this book one night, and before I went to bed, I thought about how great my morning would be the next day if I got up. I went through each activity and the time frame. Guess what guys? I GOT UP! I got up exactly when I wanted to, and I had my first miracle morning.

Why does that small, simple trick work? The book says that it works because the last thoughts you have before you go to be are often the first ones that pop into your head when you wake up. So, if you go to bed thinking “I’m so not going to get enough sleep, I am going to be so exhausted!” Guess what you feel? That’s right: like you didn’t get enough sleep and you are exhausted. If you go to bed excited for the next morning, you will be excited when you wake up.

Honestly, I’m not sure what it was that made this work. I do know, though, that I got my butt outta bed, and I accomplished the things I wanted to. Now, every day I wake up excited to do my morning routine! I can do a blog later on how to set up a morning routine if you are interested, but the point is this: find a way to make yourself excited to get up in the morning and focus on that, not on how much you’re dreading it!

What tips do you have for getting up earlier?




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