4 Breakthroughs: Me, You, Us.

I have been listening to a podcast by Brendon Burchard lately, and one of his recurring themes is “4 Breakthroughs”. In it, he talks about things he has learned in each season of his life, and what he is learning right now. I thought I would attempt that here, as I feel myself learning, growing and stretching every day.

I hope you learn something from this and don’t be afraid to drop your 4 Breakthroughs in the comments below!


1. Feed Yourself

Most women are incredibly selfless, which is a beautiful thing. Heck, the Bible even tells us to take the shirt off our backs and give it to those who have stolen from us (Luke 6:30). I think we can often turn these beautiful things into ugly ones if we aren’t careful, though. There is such a thing as being too selfless, and you forget yourself.

This week, I challenge you to feed yourself. Whatever that means for you. It can be taking yourself on a coffee date or to your favorite restaurant, scheduling some “me time”, doing something you’ve always wanted to do or learning something you’ve always wanted to learn. Do something for yourself this week, because you can’t pour from an empty cup.


2. It all matters.

I’ve been on a social media fast for a little over a year, on and off. One thing that I have learned from that experience is that it all matters. I used to only care about the moments I could photograph, edit and post to get a certain number of likes. Now I know the not-so-picture-perfect ones matter too. The moments where you are lounging with your significant other, no make-up or sexy leggings in sight.The jokes that never make it on a caption. The moments where you are dancing along to the music no one else can hear.

Savor the little moments. Even if they’re not good enough for the world, they are good enough for me.


3. Speak Up

Recently, a lot of things have been happening in America. A lot of them break my heart. 2,000 children have been separated from their families in the last 6 weeks at our border. It is a feeble attempt at superiority masked in the “rule of law”.

If you are enraged by something, you must speak up! Add your voice to the dissenters, you are more powerful than you think you are. 

Furthermore, put your money where your morals are. I talked about this a little last week, but I am willing to give to causes that are fighting for justice. One of the best ones I mentioned was Together Rising. Their maximum donation is $25, and through love warriors that weren’t afraid to speak up, they have raised millions of dollars. You can make a change. Go after it.


4. We belong to each other.

Community is something that I always took for granted. For some reason, I think we convince ourselves that we can do it all on our own. We don’t need other people, but as it turns out, we do.

Find a small group at your church, call up your girlfriend or your mom, or go to a workout class and meet some new pals. Invest in your relationships because you will need them.

We don’t function well being left by ourselves. Studies show being around others is better for your health, physical and mental. I know I need my people. Go find yours.



So, that is what I feel God moving in me. He is always teaching and growing us. I hope this has blessed you, and again, don’t forget to let me know your 4 down below!





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