Do Some Good – Money Makes a Difference

One thing I have always been sure of is that our purpose on this planet is in part to make other people’s lives better. One of the best ways to do that is by donating your money. Now, there is a lot to be said for creating dependence on funds and so forth, but for an initial or emergency response, donations are necessary. Many of the businesses that are doing incredible good are funded soley by donations. This has become one of my favorite ways to give back, and I encourage you to think about it too!

Honestly, this used to be so hard for me. I often operated out of a “mindset of lack” when it came to money (if you don’t know what that is, google it!) I always thought I never had enough, though I always wanted to give. I discovered a few things: you never regret giving your money to a good cause and it helps you loosen the grip money has over your life.

Because of all I have learned though donations, I am going to list of some of the best ways I have found to give. If you have more, feel free to add them on in the comments!

  1. Together Rising is one of my favorite opportunities to donate. It was founded by one of my favorite authors and activists, Glennon Doyle Melton. Basically, you donate no more than $25 (a few coffees each month!) to a specific cause, or “love flash mob” and you see the work on the ground they do. They’ve done work with refugees in Syria, and children at the border to name a few! They don’t mess around with administrative costs or anything, they get right to the action!
  2. Disaster Relief organizations like the Red Cross  are often the first response to natural disasters. They provide medial assistance and much more. I’m sure you’ve heard of them, and when unexpected tragedies happen, I know you would wish someone were there for you. Recently, a great cause is the volcano that erupted in Guatemala. Here is a list of verified GoFundMe campaigns to help.
  3. Animal Shelters are another type of organization I like to give to. I adopted my adorable kitty there, and our furry friends deserve a life of help. I personally donate to the Denver Dumb Friends League. Look for others in your area!
  4. Kiva is a unique organization in the fact that your donation is acutally loan money. You choose a person with a project in a developing nation, and you help them out! It is a sustainable way to do donations for everyone involved. The best part is, again, your investment could be as low as $20!
  5. Pencils of Promise is an organization that is close to my heart because I believe one of the best paths out of poverty and destructive enviornments is education. They build schools all around the world with the mission of improving countries from the youth up. I can get with that mission! You can also help them start a school if you have the money or can raise it!
  6. The International Rescue Committeresponds to the world’s humanitarian crises. Again, they go where the need is, and they help in whatever way they can. They provide lawyers and legal services as well as medical and refugee assistance. They do it all, and they run on donations as well.
  7. Tithe at Chuch. I know this one is what most Christians were taught, but when I was in high school making less than minimum wage, it was hard to convince myself to make this committment. In the end, I decided that my church was doing so much good in the community and the world. We partner with local and international organizations, and we are providing a safe religious space every week. What could be more deserving?
  8. Public Radio. I believe in funding journalism and news that is unbiased and factual, especially in the political times we are in now. I personally rely on NPR News, and I love all things related to journalism. I am a member at my local radio show, and I encourage you to look into it as well!

These are just a few of the organizations I like to partner with in order to do some good in the world. We all belong to each other. Remember that, and I hope this has encouraged you to give more.



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