Healthy. Present. Impactful.

So, I am currently reading this book by Brendon Burchard (one of the best books I’ve ever read, and exactly what I needed at this moment in my life!) and he asks the readers to do an exercise. I wanted to share it here in hopes you might get something out of it. He asks you to reflect on the last week of your life, and reflect how you have been in each area of your life.

Describe how you have been with yourself. Are you living your best life? Are you treating yourself well? Then, he asks how you have treated your friends. Have you reached out to them? Really been there for them? What about your intimate relationship, if you have one? How have you been at work? Are you performing as well as you could? I encourage you to spend a few minutes writing a response to this.
Okay, are you done? You better have done that activity! Next, think how your best self would act in each of those situations with yourself, friends, relationships, and work. What would your ideal day as your best self look like? How would you act in the morning to your family? At work to your coworkers, or boss? What about your friends after work, and your family after that? What do you hope they say about you?
Finally, he asked us to come up with three words that you would want to embody; three words that describe your best self. After careful reflection, I have chosen these three: healthy, present, impactful.
I chose healthy because I believe everything in life flows from ourselves. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and if your heart is rotten, so will everything be that comes from you. I want to be healthy in my body, obviously. I don’t have a goal weight, and I don’t need a 6-pack. Honestly, I just want to feel at home. I want to eat things that make me feel full and are good for my body. I want to develop a workout routine that is challenging but doesn’t destroy me. I want to be at peace. I want my mind to be healthy and beautiful. This means feeding it intellectually and nurturing it spiritually. I want to have a solid relationship with God because that is what grounds me.
I believe it’s important to recognize our flaws, so I’m going to be honest with you. I suck at being present. I am the worst at spending time with people if I feel it is taking away from my time with myself and the things I want to accomplish. For example, my boyfriend loves to play video games. Sometimes he wants me to just sit with him and watch. It is so precious that he wants to share these moments with me. He wants to share something that makes him so happy, and I don’t always treasure those moments. I am working really hard to start doing that, however. I’m super embarrassed to say this, but sometimes, when people talk to me, I zone out and think of other things, like what I have to do the rest of the day or the groceries I need to buy. Instead of intentionally listening to the person talking to me, I zone them out. I know. I’m ashamed. But I’m working really hard to fix that. I want to be present for those in my life. I want them to know I care.
Lastly, I chose impactful. Have you ever taken the Myers Briggs personality test? If not, you can take it for free at I encourage you to do it because it can shed a lot of light on who you are! I am an ENFJ, which is described as “The Protagonist”. ENFJ’s are natural born leaders because they genuinely care about people, and they have the drive to take charge. I have always known this about myself, and I used to be intentional about putting myself in a student position and in a leadership position. I have strayed from my leadership positions lately, and I feel an ache for it again. I believe God put us on this earth to help others, and I want to be a part of that again. That is partially why I started this blog. I am going to do more, though, because I feel led to make an impact. I also feel the growing need to be involved in advocacy and activism. I want to impact our nation in that way as well.
So, those are the three things that are important to me right now. What have you chosen? Don’t just let them be words you write on your wall. Take action, and make them manifest in your life!

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