Spread the Light, Be the Lighthouse

Life can be pretty mundane sometimes, right? We go through the motions. We get up, get ready, go to work, come home from work, maybe workout or read a book, eat dinner and then go to bed. I believe there is so much beauty in those little moments, but I also believe that there is so much more. When I think of my life, I want it to be vibrant. I want people to think “she has such a lightness about her. She is bright and happy, and her enthusiasm for life is infectious.” I don’t want the little things to bother me. I want to be peaceful. I want to let shit go.

I’m working really hard on that this year, and the biggest thing I have learned so far is that you don’t have to let things affect you as much as you think you do. If something angers you, you don’t have to feel angry. If something makes you feel belittled, you don’t have to be small. Don’t let anyone dull your shine. Choose to feel joy in the midst of stressful situations.
One day, I walked into work after having a really great morning. I was joyful, energized, and ready for the day. My coworker walked in, and before she even said good morning to me, she began to criticize me. I was hurt, and when I’m hurt, it usually turns to anger. I thought to myself “great, I was having such a good morning and now my whole day is ruined!” But then I thought, “why am I giving this person so much control over my emotions? Why does this situation have to be THE situation that ruins my day?” The answer is I shouldn’t, and it doesn’t have to be if I CHOOSE not to let it.
See, everything in life is a choice. Either we choose to feel upset, or we choose to let it roll off our backs. I was reading a book by Brendon Burchard (one of the best books I’ve ever read and 100% what I needed to read at this season in my life) and he told a story that totally reflected this to me.
He said he was mentoring an olympic athlete once, and Brendon asked if he had ever felt fear at the starting line. The athlete replied “Of course I have! Every athlete does, but I just don’t call it fear, I call it excitement!”
Man, isn’t that powerful? We can choose to call it fear, or we can choose to call it excitement. What are you choosing today?

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